Monday, June 20, 2011


The Village by the Sea, a story written by Anita Desai, tells a story of a rural town going through modernisation. Using characterisation, Anita Desai develops and communicates the idea of modernisation through Ramu , “ We’ll get jobs, Hari – we’ll get jobs.  You’ll see.”
In this quote Desai uses diction and repetition, “we’ll get jobs … - we’ll get jobs…” through this Desai is able to emphasize the importance of modernisation to this town, and in turn, what modernisation will bring to the town. “Jobs” are something extremely treasured by the locals, because to them, Jobs mean a “way out” and a chance for income for the family. Desai through Jobs also communicates the idea of the importance of economical development, and all of this eventually leading to modernisation.

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