Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feelings about Village by the Sea

The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai is a brilliant book about a typical family living in the city of Thul near Bombay. I've found this story very rich with detail and very gripping up to this point. I really enjoy the author's use of narrative detail as she describes everything as if she was painting the Mona Lisa, from the description of the beach, "the sun lifted up over the coconut palms in a line along the beach and sent long slanting rays over the silvery sand,"(Pg. 7; P3L1) through this line of beautifully written scenery, I see a gorgeous beach, sand glittering in the rising sun, with palm trees lining the coast. I feel inspired by the way Desai is able to help the reader's visualize the scene so well.

Up to this point of the story, the story revolves around Hari, as the author tells us about his difficulties in coping with his messed up family. We learn about his mum's sickness and her father's drunkedness; and the hardships of him and his sisters. Through use of descriptive imagery and the thoughts of Hari, the author draw's sympathy from the readers as the story move's on.

I feel that Village by the Sea is going to turn out to be a very deep and most likely tragic story. I feel there are many deep and personal messages within this book and is definitely worth reading.

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